Honda NSX GT3 Racing Car Perform at IIMS 2018

Honda NSX GT3 photo
Photo by Hanno Rathmann

Honda not only presents Honda Small RS Concept, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Honda brand holder agent in Indonesia also featuring racing cars, NSX GT3 at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018.

The Honda NSX GT3 is designed by Honda R & D Japan, which collaborates with JAS Motorsport from Milan, Italy, and involves Honda Performance Development (HPD). The research and development process to create this racing car is done until the end of 2015, by testing a distance of 85 thousand km.

The design is done in Japan and Europe, then assembled in Italy, to then be tested in a track racing in Santa Clarita, California.

Honda NSX GT3 is equipped with a V6 engine with a capacity of 3.5-liter Twin-Turbocharged, which is modified to meet the requirements of the FIA.

The engine is combined with a six-speed semi-automatic XTRAC transmission, which sends power to the rear-wheel drive. The NSX GT3 racing engine also uses the same specifications as NSX including block, heads, valve train, crankshaft, piston and dry-sump lubrication system.

Honda NSX GT3 comes with wide body dimensions and low, which maximizes aerodynamic speed. Dimensionally, this car has a length of 4,612 mm and a width of 2040 mm with a sturdy aluminum chassis and lightweight, to support safety and performance on the track racing.

In addition, the Honda NSX GT3 features a larger air duct on the front, bottom and rear of the body to keep engine temperature optimally.

“The car with a sporty and fast design on the track has been Honda’s DNA for years, so through this exhibition we want to get visitors to know more closely one of our racing cars that is Honda NSX GT3,” said Jonfis Fandy, Marketing & After Sales Service Director of PT AHM, on IIMS 2018, some time ago.

In addition, visitors can also try driving simulations of the Honda NSX GT3, through virtual reality to experience a fun racing experience.

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