Get Your Renault Kwid

When it comes to buying a car, a lot of people find it difficult to make a decision and end up purchasing the wrong model that lacks one or the other features. There are so many car brands available in the market and one surely needs to visit the respective showrooms of car brands and consult a car specialist as well to purchase that perfect model. However, when taking into account the new launches in the market, the Renault Kwid has made its way to the forefront. While introducing the new Renault Kwid, the car has come into the competition with other car brands like Maruti Suzuki Alto, Datsun Go, and Even Hyundai Eon. When compared keeping in mind the price range, the Renault Kwid price also stands out along with its extraordinary internal and external features. Within a price range of rupees 2.8 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs, the car is available in various variants that include different mileage and other specifications, and customers can choose depending on their need and comfort level.

Spotting the Renault Kwid:

Since the car is a 5 seater hatchback, the car is spacious enough to give that sophisticated look and also offer world-class comfort. It’s more like an SUV in design and style. The interiors and exterior of the car have several features like Floor console, auto on/off indicators, open storage case in front, front and back seat recliner, airbag, front seat integrated headrest etc. Additionally, its performance and fuel capacity are amazing with a maximum speed of 154kmph and capacity of 28 liters of petrol. The rear part of the car is given an impressive look due to its tailgate, which is wide enough. Also, the windshields are inclined which adds to the plus point. Coming to the interior of the car, it’s quite spacious and offers a luxurious feel. The car has an inbuilt navigation system, air-conditioner, music player and wifi connector. Also, there is a one touch screen that lets people change the indicators. Additionally, both the front and the back seats have push-ups and recliners that add to the comfort level. There is more than enough leg space and each seat also includes individual pockets to keep personal stuff. The boot is quite large and has adequate space to hold luggage for long trips. The Renault Kwid also has a 3 cylinder petrol motor that runs smoothly giving a more comfortable ride. The tires of the car are tubeless and have disc brakes and drum brakes at the front and back respectively.

The much-awaited model:

Taking into account the Renault Kwid price and other factors like engine, performance, and mileage, the car has several safety features like airbags, automatic risk detector etc to care about. Although it may not provide luxury that of a BMW or other cars, it surely provides a lot of space and other comfort levels that definitely adds to the wow factor when one goes to purchase the car.